Bricks Is Blessed To Be In Crete...

A Truly Magnificent Isalnd 

Crete – the southernmost island in Europe has “everything”! Its bountiful variety of features includes mountain villages, long sandy beaches, rocky bays, beach-bar-boogie & nightlife. There are magnificent mountain ranges, water-sports, tranquil locations and clean swimmable seas. Bathed in clear sunlight much of the year, the climate is one of the best in Europe. The largest island in Greece, it is understandably a most popular travel and vacation destination.


Crete also has a magic radiance – truly! There is the supreme quality of the light here, the sharp rugged mountains meeting openly with clear seas. There is an abundance of wildlife, plants & flowers that are unique to the island. Breath in the ever-present scents of wild herbs, taste fresh fruit, the best of the world’s olive oil and healthy, delicious cheeses. Enjoy the delight of sipping a Greek coffee at the roadside in a mountain village, the excitement and spillover of weddings and occasions, the history, the people and the world-sourced visitors. It is also a historian's and archaeologist's paradise.


Crete has a people noted for and conspicuous in their hospitality and tradition of welcoming visitors. The traditions and culture offered in music, art, food and crafts play a large part in this picture. It combines European ways with the uniquely local.

Because Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, it offers both developed tourist areas with resort hotels and also quiet coves, hidden beaches and invigorating mountain villages and plateaus that reward the discerning world traveller. Wondrous moments, those memorable combinations of time & place that provide you with enriching experiences, are yours - here - if you explore the island.


Heraklion has the major archaeological museum, smart & trendy cafes and shops and a noisy business bustle – it also offers many hidden treasures, which we happily reveal.


Chania has much of the Venetian part of its history intact. Luxury in Venetian Villas converted to hotels, the ever impressive Venetian Harbour, narrow shop and restaurant-lined pedestrian streets, small hotels contained in buildings that once were home to expatriate merchants and a wide range of places to stay.


Rethymno has the old section - the castle and a long sandy beach, cafes and restaurants with local and visiting customers.

Sitia is quieter, though still providing much of interest in its Fortezza, beach, unique cafes and many hotels. Many similar benefits are on offer in Plakias and Ierapetra.


Many smaller places, provide a sense that tourism has not got here yet – but you have! Amongst these Chora Sfakia, Made, Kato Zakros, Keratokambos, Makrigialos, Anogia, Zaros, Axos all offer something of Crete that is truly special and a treat for any human in need of the healing power of charm and character in unique climes.


There is more. There are hundreds of villages and other small towns. There are truly individual and unique places – any mood, any pace, any style or setting exists here. There are walks, climbs, drives and rides that take you across stunning plateaux, dramatic mountain and seascapes. There is more - the part that you can discover, that special place "the Crete you are looking for" SM.

The climate is ideal for most folk, most of the year. Traditional tourist visit period is April to mid-October. Gradually more are venturing to Crete between October to March when the weather in Crete is more varied, often sunny, cooler, sometimes cold enough for a thick sweater and jacket - this is when it seems like the island is all yours, just uncrowded and magical.

For a sunshine filled getaway from colder climates April to mid-October is always good. Worldwide, the predictability of weather has become less accurate and recently there have been some cooler than normal days beyond the end of May – but the reverse tends also to be true! We tell you about special places, trips you can take, places you can stay or visit that provide the magic and those “Moments” that make a holiday or travel in general, so worthwhile and memorable.

At we are that knowledgeable friend, who can show you the things in Crete of special interest to you. 

Welcome to Crete, have a wonderful visit.